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HyperRoller 4.0

HyperRoller 4.0

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Our HyperRoller 4.0 is a a state of the art vibrating foam roller. It's use of the peanut shape optimizes muscle relaxacion and overall massage experience. It's longlasting battery allows for long lasting relaxacion. The HyperRoller 4.0 is setting a new standard in the recovery industry.

How to use

1. Charge then disinfect your HyperRoller 4.0

2. Power on and adjust your desired level of intensity from the three inensity levels

3. Lay on the roller on the area of concern and relax.


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    Why our product?

    The HyperRoller 4.0 has a unique shape that allows for optimal muscle relaxacion anywhere in the body. Its tri-mode intesnity allows for different levels of intensity to maximize comfort and convenience. it's built in timer allows for further covnenience and consistancy.

    Perfect Home Recovery

    The HyperRoller 4.0's versatilty allows for full body recovery, all from the comfort of your home. Get effective deep tissue massage, myofascial and trigger point release, the vibrating massage peanut alleviates pain, tension, fatigue and stress all from the comfort of your home.